About us

Indian Association Baden is registered as a non-profit organization under the Swiss civil code and has its seat in Baden. Founded in 1969 by a few Indians living in the Baden area, it now has about 250 members. We welcome Indian nationals, people of Indian origin or those who are interested in Indian culture to become members or to attend our events as non-members.


Our mission is to engender partnership and understanding between the Indian and Swiss communities and to promote cultural relationships through various events and activities. We strive to nurture social and cultural bonds between peoples and communities. To reach these aims we organize cultural, sporting and other events at various times during the year.


Sameer Sood


Srijani Bhattacharya


Raghu Vijaynagar


Haradhan Das

Executive Committee Member

Kavita Sukhija

Executive Committee Member

Shikha Kedia

Executive Committee Member

Yogendra Garg

Executive Committee Member

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